How to Stay Calm During the Chaos


You are sailing along with life, moving along your path pretty smoothly. You are taking time to smell the flowers and smiling at the sun. You are so blissful you almost want to skip. As you pick up that foot there it is, the ax of drama that comes flying right past your nose and stops you in your tracks.  You turn to the right those flowers are dead and droopy you look up to the sun and it is now a laughing red devil with horns.

Stopping in shock, you think but wait, just three seconds ago things were going great. Well it’s time for a character check, the universe want to test you through some chaos. It’s different when you know you were wrong and expecting it versus when you don’t see it coming. From personal experience I can tell you last month, there was some unidentified drama each week. Along with that there were many possibilities so I couldn’t let the craziness get in the way. In the past, I would usually dwell on what wasn’t working out and let it consume me, but I didn’t have time and I can’t let drama get in the way of my dreams. I also realized that I needed to go through the chaos in order to take the next step and this was something I should have done a long time ago.

I am grateful that I had to learn this lesson because I realized with each situation there was an underlying theme. I learned a lot about myself and also realized that I had to adjust some things that would be in my best interest. If you are going through some chaos and need to keep it calm check out my five tips below.

Big picture perspective- Life doesn’t stop unless you stop breathing, so you have to keep it moving and work through the difficulties while keeping your perspective in check. Sometimes it’s good to look at the big picture instead of the details. Once you have an understanding of this perspective, go through the details to get a true understanding of the situation.

Meditate- Quiet time is key this will help you get centered and balanced. My mind was racing, my body felt like it was splattered in a million places and I couldn’t sleep. I had a billion questions. I took time every morning and evening and asked one question at a time. I followed up with writing and this calmed me down tremendously.

Gratitude- Give thanks for everything that you have and everything that you are going through. Even though you prefer not to, understand this is a lesson and at the end of the day it is also a blessing. How you act through adversity and chaos is a true test of character and it makes you stronger.

This too shall pass- Like any situation, it will come to an end. Remember to look at the big picture and try your best to put everything into perspective so you can have a clear vision on how to work through the chaos so you can get back to calm.

 How do you get through chaos?

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    It’s great that you can learn a lesson or see the big picture when there seems like craziness all over. I’ve slowly come to realize that “this too shall pass” as well as learning to be patient. I’ve yet to master meditation, as I find there is a certain art to it but nonetheless I take time to be prayerful.

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    Thank you for all of your comments. I’m still working on keeping the big picture in mind and the beauty of the lessons. Phyllis, wow thank you so much for the dedication in your book. I am honored that I am thought of in this way. I love our blogging community that we developed through the years. Congrats on the book.

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