American Heart Association Hosts Go Red for Women Extravaganza

Go Red 1-28-15

Awareness is the first step to creating change. To shine light on bringing awareness to heart disease for women, the American Heart Association has created “Go Red For Women.” The first Friday of each February is National Wear Red Day, the red is symbolic of knowing your cardiovascular status and decreasing heart disease and stroke […]

Create Your Self-Care Plan in 10 Steps

Self Care Tips

Our world, at times, is spinning so quickly with deadlines, responsibilities, and taking care of everything else we forget about one important detail? Ourselves. Sometimes we get caught up that we don’t take time out. Some may argue and think that the regular routine responsibilities of hygiene is enough for self-care, sorry to tell you but it isn’t. […]

Wellness Wednesdays: 10 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy Life 1-21-15

Source: Life Fitness In honor of Healthy Weight Week, we’ve rounded up our favorite ideas to help you maintain a healthy weight through exercise and nutrition. These tips are simple, realistic, and most importantly, can be incorporated into your life starting today. Ready? 1. Ditch diets. Diets are temporary and filled with rollercoaster ups and […]

Wellness Wednesdays: 10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Stay Healthy

Living a Stress Free and Healthy Life

Source: American Heart Association. Healthy habits can protect you from the harmful effects of stress. Here are 10 positive healthy habits you may want to develop. 1.Talk with family and friends. A daily dose of friendship is great medicine. Call or writer friends and family to share your feelings, hopes and joys and ask them […]

Mindful Mondays: 15 Ways to Create Happiness

Happiness 1-12-15

When you think of the word happy, what comes to mind? I can say in the past it used to be people and/or things that was outside of my internal existence. When I saw that this led to self-destructive and unhealthy behavior, I knew something had to change.  I said a prayer. I asked God to help […]

Mindful Mondays: Quotes on Success

Success 1-5-15

When the word success comes to mind, it means different things to different people. Bottom line, if you are truly happy from an internal place without outward attachment that will be a determining factor of your happiness, you are successful. We have completed many wonderful accomplishments, but if we are not content with ourselves anything […]