Create the Business and Life of Your Dreams with Erica Duncan

Erica Duncan 7-23-14

When Erica Duncan reflects on her journey of being a business owner she recalls always having an entrepreneurial spirit. “In college I taught ESL to individuals from Costa Rica and Mexico. I remember realizing there was a need. I put a sign up for classes and I started with 20 students and it grew from […]

Mindful Mondays: Encouragement For Those Who Are Following Their Dreams

dreams-quote 6-8-14

There was a dream that was planted inside of you. With this dream, you have to take action. This is where the goal setting comes in. Many times when we work towards our dreams and goals there will be challenges, disappointments, amazing wins, growth, and completion. All of this is part of the journey. It […]

Mindful Mondays: Quotes on Being Focused

FocusPIC 7-14-14

There is nothing worse than a loss and/or lack of focus. We’ve all been there searching and scraping for something not sure what it is. When we start to attain focus, something shifts. The busyness of our minds releases, the searching of the next best thing ceases, and we realize what is important and focus on that. Although there […]