Free Event: Grow with Literacy and Health Saturday 4.25.15


This Saturday, April 25, 2015 join myself and Adra Young as we host the Grow with Literacy and Health  Event.  Children and families will have fun with food demonstrations and tasting, yoga, free raffles,  learn information about health and literacy, and meet children’s authors. Every child who RSVP’s will receive free lunch. This event is […]

Mindful Mondays: 10 Quotes for Inspiration and Strength


There are times when things get difficult and you want to give up.  I encourage you to stay strong and keep going.  Here are some quotes that will help you stay inspired and strong. “If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.” – Wayne […]

April Health Classes at Whole Foods Detroit

There are great health classes and talks coming up in April at Whole Foods Detroit. They are committed to keeping the community healthy. Thursday, April 23rd, 6:00 PM 5 “No Fail” Steps for Achieving Your Health and Wellness Goals Stephanie will support you in identifying your goals and applying the skills you need to effectively […]

Mindful Mondays: Quotes on the Power of a Breakthrough


There are times when things get very difficult we want to give up and break down.  I encourage you to hold on and please do not give up. Allow yourself to stop for a moment and let out a good cry if you need to. Crying can be nourishment to the soul. It is at […]

Wellness Wednesdays: Celebrate American Heart Association’s National Walking Day


Today is National Walking Day. The American Heart Association encourages everyone to lace up, grab some friends, and walk for 30 minutes today. Then make it a habit for a wonderful long term healthy experience.  Statistics show people stick to walking plans more than any other form of physical activity. Walking is one of the […]

Wellness Wednesdays: The Sodium Levels of Sea Salt vs. Table Salt


Source: American Heart Association Sea salt has boomed in popularity in restaurants and supermarket aisles. Many gourmet chefs say they prefer it over table salt for its coarse, crunchy texture and stronger flavor. Manufacturers are using it in potato chips and other snacks because it’s “all natural,” and less processed than table salt. And some […]