Wellness Wednesdays: 5 Foods Packed With Potassium


There is a lot of power packed in potassium. It is essential to get healthy amounts of this nutrient in your body. Some of the benefits include helping your brain, heart, nerves, and muscles function at an optimum level. It also known to balance your blood pressure as well as reduce muscle cramps both overall […]

Mindful Mondays: Quotes on Meditation


There are so many benefits when we meditate. It is such a refreshing practice that brings you to a state of calmness and clarity. I make it a practice to meditate every day and it has helped me in many areas in my life. If you would like to start and/or continue your practice, Deepak […]

Five Face Washes Under $10


If you are looking for some new face washes that won’t break the bank look no further. We will keep you beauty regime and wallet as calm as possible with these awesome finds under $10. Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser There is a dry patch on your cheek but your T-Zone is super oily. Stay […]

Five Healthy Wonders of Watermelon


This sweet treat is so refreshing. Whether you eat it, juice it, or add it to your water the health benefits make this fruit even sweeter.  After learning more about the health benefits I loved watermelon even more. Health benefits of watermelon 1. Immune Booster – With the large amounts of Vitamin C, watermelon will help […]